First of all, if you use a blocker, it’s possible that you don’t see any ads on my site. In that case you also won’t see the ad examples used below. 🙂

Breakdown of finances:

So far I’ve spent $330 on hosting and the domain name and earned $0. I would like to make a few hundred a month eventually 🙂

1. Amazon

I have two options for Amazon ads. For the first type, I pick the product you see, like this:

25-piece pencil set around $15

Or in a text link: “Drawing the Head and Hands” by Loomis (Amazon link)

For the second type, Amazon chooses a selection of products to show you. In this case, I have no idea what shows up.

How do you know if you clicked an affiliate link? For example, if you click on on this book cover:

Then you will see my Amazon tracking id in the URL, which is ccow-20:

So if you click an Amazon link here and go shopping, I’ll get a 4% commission if you buy something. This expires after 24 hours. It’s also anonymous. So if you buy pencils for $10, I will receive $0,40.

Here you can see that my Amazon links got 19 clicks and zero buys so far:

Sad panda 🙁

2. Productivity Tools

I also work together with Rescuetime and Freedom, two productivity apps. I use Habitica as well, which doesn’t have a referral program.

Rescuetime logs your time spent. Here’s a screenshot of my day:

This was incredibly useful in optimizing my output and eliminating procrastination traps. Rescuetime has a free version and a premium version.

Freedom is an app that blocks the internet. You get a free trial period when signing up 🙂

I love their mobile app, Offtime! With Offtime you make a selection of blocked and allowed apps during your work hours, so you don’t go browsing memes instead of drawing. This my favourite app of all time 🙂

Earnings so far from Rescuetime and Freedom: $0.

3. Betterhelp

I also work with Betterhelp, an online counseling website. I just love love love them. Best customer service ever, they even sent me a free T-shirt! You get a 7-day trial when signing up.

4. Paypal donation

Lastly, you can donate to me through Paypal. I don’t expect anyone to do that. Why would you donate rather than  go shopping on Amazon?




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